I was deeply inspired by Anthroposophy and Waldorf education to create routine and rhythm in life, and later on, martial arts (taekwondo) helped to develop further focus and resilience. In my integrative practice, I combine the natural way of homeopathy to rebalance body & mind naturally, to nutrition as a foundation of good health, giving you the kickstart and the tools to develop rhythm and the mindset shift that allows you to truly live your full potential for good.

how to maintain a lifestyle based on good choices in a world that not always support healthy choices?

Wellness is a journey, is not static. Wellness is what you choose today.

The challenge is most of us live in a frantic routine, chronically stressed, surrounded by toxins and conditioned to a way of thinking prone to self-sabotage and doubt. All the marketing surrounding us also aggravates this picture, inducing more consumption of processed foods, body image issues and profitable quick fixes that do not work. The result? You either daydream about the perfect life, the perfect body and the “if I only” thoughts; or hopelessness takes over,  depression shows up, you feel as if surviving day by day instead of living to your full potential. Actually, you may doubt yourself and yet just feel it is part of getting older.

The part you probably don’t know is, in many cases, it is not your fault!  As I mentioned above, we are surrounded by triggers that alter our body biochemistry and microbiome,  and these changes might be the underlying cause of depression and chronic inflammation draining away your vitality. It is not just about willpower, it is way beyond it. 

The good news is that it can be changed through lifestyle, and one of the main tools to get there is to create rhythm, otherwise you fall into “the all or nothing” trap, with “yo-yo” results. Without rhythm, you feel motivated initially, but after awhile you go back easily to the old habits, without establishing a rhythm, you cannot sustain.

Creating rhythm through routine allows you to develop resilience, and this is the piece that will take you through the tough times without going back to old habits.

A healthy lifestyle integrates body and mind, besides eating healthy and providing your body with the essential nutrients to cellular function, you must develop the right mindset to flip it for good.