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” I am currently part of a detox group that Katia is running and I am loving it! I initially wanted to do the detox to break some bad eating habits I have, with hopefully some weight loss, as a bonus.
Katia gave excellent information in the form of a booklet that I made reference to throughout the detox and held weekly meetings to aid further. The Facebook group she created was SO helpful as it formed a community where we could share the highs and lows. Additionally to all that support, Katia was always on the other end of a phone to answer questions. Recipes were shared and information about research into why we were being asked to eliminate a certain food was also shared. I really have had fun rediscovering my love of cooking and food and the process has got me out of a food rut I was in. My mind is clearer and I have more energy, am less tired and feel and look less bloated. In addition to all that I did lose weight – 10 pounds through the 3 – 4 weeks and I increased my muscle mass. My body now thinks I’m two years younger! So I’m super happy about that!! I’m excited about the re-entry phase of the detox and finding out what foods affect me negatively. That way i can avoid them. I can’t say enough good things about the plan and about Katia’s wealth of knowledge. I would recommend KM Simple Health in a heart beat to anyone with the desire to change.”

N. Cossio, USA

“When I first met with Katia I had a bit of a know it all attitude. My diet for the most part was very healthy and I exercised 4-5 times a week, yet I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t sleeping well and began having digestive issues.

After much probing Katia discovered that my diet, stress level, and intense workouts were clashing causing adrenal fatigue. With a few tweaks to my diet/lifestyle and the help of her homeopathic remedies I was able to get back to optimum health and still enjoy the intense workouts I refused to give up.

She truly is a wealth of knowledge, has a warm and loving personality, AND a lot of patience for crazy know it alls like me.”

T. Mack, AU

” I started with Katia In January 2017. At the beginning I thought it was just a diet, again, just one more nothing different. I was very surprised to start the program detox by removing one group of aliments every three days. It was hard but I learned a lot about my own body. After 1 month, I decided to continue with Katia. In 5 months I lost 16 pounds. What I liked the most with Katia is that she was on my side step by step. She gave me a lot of advice, tricks, and in any circumstances in my social life. I enjoy the program but most of all I enjoyed working with Katia.”

C. Prince, FR

“I have learned so much from Katia in the past few months. I was experiencing some mid-40s issues such as sleeplessness, sluggishness, bloating, brain fog,… and just couldn’t figure out what was going on. As a fitness instructor/ mind-body student/ freak and healthy eater, I began to think that these symptoms are just a part of aging. Katia has proven to me that this is simply not true. She has given me the tools and the understanding that small changes in my diet can make the biggest difference, and that I don’t have to accept feeling unwell as a natural part of the aging process. She equipped me with the ability to make more informed/ mindful decisions about my food intake, and it has made a world of difference. The changes are beginning to take hold in the habits of my family as well, and I couldn’t be more grateful to Katia.”

S. Clulow, USA

Working with Katia has helped me find my old self. I had been experiencing weight gain, brain fog, lack of motivation and was not feeling any of the energy and enthusiasm I normally have for life. My blood tests showed everything was “normal”, but I didn’t feel normal. Through careful review of an extensive evaluation and spending time getting to know about me, my life and my environment, Katia was able to determine what was going on with my body and mind. After a few weeks, I noticed improvements to some of my symptoms. After two months I was feeling much better, had lost weight and was in a happier place in my life.”

Katia listens carefully and makes sure you understand how to follow the program. She helps you prepare for the challenges that life brings you so that you can be successful. I am so glad I reached out to Katia. She focuses on getting to the root cause of the issue rather than just helping you tolerate a symptom. She wants you to live life at your optimal levels, not just normal ones.

T. Hartzell, USA 

Katia is an exceptional health professional, always focusing on roots causes and directing programs to most adequate to our individual needs. She has helped me several times with homeopathic solutions for me and my family.”

S. Peda, USA

I just completed the Detox program with Katia and was amazed at how much better I could feel in just a few short weeks. Katia is fantastic! She has a wealth of knowledge and is compassionate, caring, encouraging and supportive. I would highly recommend her services for anyone that wants to make healthier choices and feel better.”

K. Munn, USA


About 4 months ago, I had had it. I was feeling terrible, tired all of the time, having trouble losing weight, and I had to do something. I found Katia through a friend, and from the moment I met with her, I knew this was going to be different. Katia is a great listener, she explained the reasons behind her recommendations and why I was feeling the way I was, very patient, and a great cheerleader! After 3 months of working with Katia, I have lost 10+ lbs and feel great. Every day is still a learning process about what foods affect me or make feel a certain way, but thankfully I have Katia to help me through it on a path toward MUCH better health!”

K. Baker, USA

You are the best Katia!I love the Detox program, I’ve learned a lot.Tks.”

I. Oehninger, USA

Being 42 is hard, especially if you’re working hard at the gym and not getting to the place you’d like to be fitness-wise. I was stuck, not losing weight, and generally getting frustrated with my lack of progress and lack of energy. Enter Katia Martinho (my Brazilian twin), who happens to be a fantastic nutritionist and homeopath. I’ve been under her care since February and I’m officially 11 pounds down from where I started, which is amazing considering I went months not losing an ounce and gaining weight. If you’re looking for a great partner in helping you to get your nutritional house in order, contact Katia and get on the program to wellness!”

K. Hatter, USA

I am 5’2″ and at the beginning of the process my weight was nearly 152 lbs. Today, after 5 months, I maintain my weight at 130 lbs! Over  20 lbs gone!! Today I feel a lot more self confidence, in addition to feel energetic to carry on my daily tasks, which now also includes regular exercising and walks.

I loved to work with Katia because she teaches me how to make my own choices regarding food, accordingly to my own needs, taste and routine. Before, it was not clear to me how much I really needed of each food group, for example protein, fiber, carbs etc…. now I’ve learned! I eat a little bit of everything, and I also learned how to switch some ingredients for better Items that I didn’t use before, and now they are part of my pantry, like coconut oil, oats and almonds. I really love the way how Katia works!

K. Camargo, USA

“After dealing with so many fad diets and mixed messages out there, it was great to have finally, met a nutritionist like Katia Martinho. Katia is extremely knowledgeable, and very easy to confide in. It is great to be able to talk to someone about your goals, and get a customized health and nutrition program that suits your lifestyle and makes those goals achievable! Katia’s approach to nutrition and her clients is not ‘one-size fits all’. She asked all the right questions, listened to my experience and prepared an individualized plan for me that was responsive to my lifestyle and the types of foods and ingredients that I had access to. Katia’s dedication to me as a client comes through in every meeting and e-mail. She took in consideration my lifestyle, my likes and dislikes, and my goals, developing a program that worked for me. She set me up for success with her ongoing support, positivity, and commitment. Katia has taught me that eating healthy can be very enjoyable. Thank you Katia, for helping me on my journey to better health. I am always recommending your services to my friends and family!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A. Fox,USA

“I have been a client of Katia since 2010, when I was going through a difficult time following a relationship break up. I was under a lot of stress and had a number of physical symptoms. Katia was very skilled at listening, she is very non-judgmental and I felt that I could be very honest to her so she would be able to help me. She has always approached all the situations with great strength, confidence and positivity,  over the years I can say that Katia has truly been “my rock” offering homeopathic approach to many complaints, in addition suggesting lifestyle changes, including nutritional guidelines, that have greatly benefited my health and well-being, helping me to rebuild my life. I can’t recommend her enough!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              T. Curtis, UK

“I would like to share my experience about KM Health, and I hope it will help others.
I went through a very stressful period in my life for a couple of years, that lead me to experience low energy levels, my forehead became covered by pimples ( mind that I never had pimples even when I was a teenager ), white marks appeared on my finger nails and  I also gained 12 lbs. I decided that was time to take care of myself so I contact Katia Martinho via Skype, as I am based in England. After about one hour of a detailed conversation, Katia prepared a plan for me with specifics details of what I should take and do for my case. I started the program right on the next day as she oriented me to do.
This is not magic, but one week later I started felling the positive difference in my body, two weeks later even other people were seeing that my forehead was clearing up from the pimples, I was losing weight and my energy levels were sooo high throughout the day. Another amazing thing:  the white marks on my nails that have been there for years were gone! I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Katia was always easy to reach; she has lots of knowledge and was very committed to me throughout the program.
I couldn’t be happier with the results; if you are looking to a healthier lifestyle, I am sure Katia can lead you to that. We all deserve to be happy and healthy!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  C. Ferrazzo, UK

“Great! Katia is a fantastic professional, ethical, sensitive and motivational. Her passion and knowledge translates into her holistic caring approach. I highly recommend her services.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  A. P. Lopes, UK


“I ve signed up for a detox plan for 21 days with support from Katia, I badly needed to improve my general well being and energy levels , so I was highly motivated!
It was tough! But the guidance available and encouragement I received was funadmental to keep me going throught the bad days! The first seven days were really difficult , adapting to the new diet , and experiencing Unpleasant symptoms, terrible headache, itchy , moody, low energy , aching body, I wanted to give up but I didn’t!
After the first week I felt SO much better, I had list weight, my skin was better, without so much dryness , my libido returned after ages… My digestion was perfect and I felt energised and content. I was meant to continue for another week but stopped the program I was going on holiday, still, feel the benefits after 2 weeks , highly recommend Katia ‘s nutritional guidance and she also know great recipes and ideas to stay on track !”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         T. Azevedo, UK


I first came across Homeopathy at Vet School in Brazil because one of our teachers was a vet homeopath and very passionate about it. Then another friend decided to become a vet homeopath, so Homeopathy started to get my interest. Once moved to England and having had my first child I met Katia Martinho and started to better understand the principles and applications of homeopathy, not only for physical but also emotional disturbances.
My son has been treated with Homeopathy since he is 2 and it is the only remedy I don’t have to fight with him to take it. Among the problems that I could see his improvement were overcoming night terrors, sleeping problems and relief of enlarged adenoids.
When he had chicken pox I only gave him homeopathy and took myself one homeopathic remedy to prevent me from getting the infection, which worked and kept me healthy.
Just to mention one of the many times Katia helped me with her knowledge I could cite one when I was very distressed about my eminent marriage separation and after talking to her she prescribed me Ignatia, I will never forget how that little pill put me back to myself so quickly.
Thanks, Katia, for opening this space and for sharing your invaluable experience with us.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              T. VanOndsden, UK


I first came into contact with homeopathy about ten years ago, when doctors of classical/ western medicine could not help me anymore with my chronicle infects but prescribing antibiotics. I soon realized that antibiotics not only weaken my whole system, but do not heal the root cause of my infections. Thus, I decided to take a different way and tried homeopathy. The results not only came quickly, but stayed long-term. For the first time, not the symptoms but the root cause of my infections got identified and healed. I am very happy to have Katia as a local homeopath in Columbus, Indiana. She is a great support to help me get and stay healthy as her treatment includes a holistic view, that not only treats symptoms, but identifies and heals roots causes of illness.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         B. Kov, USA