All my services focus on:

  • An unique, holistic and individualized approach for everyone
  • A natural approach to nourish your health
  • Nutritional plans based on real and simple foods

You will improve:

  • Your energy levels
  • Focus and concentration
  • Quality of life, reducing stress, anxiety, mood swings and depression
  • Body weight balance
  • Gut health, skin glow and hormone balance
  • Your goals towards a healthy lifestyle

Services include:

  • Services

    Nutritional consultation: nutritional assessment takes about 60 to 90 minutes. You will discuss your habits and concerns about health and nutrition, and how you could improve your nutrition and lifestyle. Topics such as portion sizes, food groups, balanced and nutrient dense meals, general foods to favor and to avoid, food sensitivities and how to interpret food labels will be approached during your assessment. If you have either short or long term goals, the aim is to support long term progressive changes towards a healthy lifestyle for life. a process where you will

    Family and Group Nutrition plans & coaching: health and wellness plans designed to assist each individual needs in a manner that fits a group/family as a whole.

    Anthropometric Evaluation: includes your body measurements, body max index (BMI) and your estimated body fat percentage (Skin Fold Test and bio-impedance scale) interpretation. This information helps to determine your current body composition and track your progress after implementing changes.

    Health screening:  includes glucose and cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and in addition body weight, body composition (fat and lean mass%), BMI and waist circumference, this overall information is an important tool to access your health status and monitor your progress towards health and wellness.

    Grocery Go: with so many options to buy and so many misleading marketing strategies, a simple grocery shopping can be overwhelming in modern days. Even the organic shelf is full of unhealthy and sugar loaded choices. No need to worry, help it is on the way: grocery shopping trip with your personal nutritionist to your usual grocery store to learn the best options to support a healthy lifestyle.


One thought on “Services

  1. Michelle Carter

    I’d like to have a consultation. I am a 47 year old female. I have been active in running, and yoga for over 17 years. I want to be prepared for all things that hormonal changes will or can bring. I have noticed some weight gain and noticed how much harder it has become to lose it in this last year.



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