Food: real and simple, a vital tool to improve your health

But in fact, what should you eat?


With so much controversial noise about food out there, is confusing to decide. Perhaps you have tried different ways to eat to lose weight or improve your wellness, but for one reason or another, you didn’t achieve the expected results or perhaps that diet was just too unrealistic to become a long-term plan, is that right?

First things first, let’s start with the basics. There are two unquestionable truths for all nutrition styles and trends that you can possibly try: you should eat real food and mostly plants. No secrets, no magic, easy and simple like that. Interestingly enough, the most simple rules like these are often ignored, when they should be the foundation of any lifestyle.

Real food is all that is nature made, from apples to kale, nuts or even that juicy steak you might be wondering now if fits a healthy lifestyle or not – these are all examples of nature made, real food. When you start looking for a magic potion or pill to lose weight or achieve health, you often lose track of what your body recognizes as natural. As Michael Pollan says If it came from a planteat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t” Why? Because in this way you will be properly nourishing your body, while the other way you are actually depleting your vitality and most likely triggering inflammation in your body. In the end, this rule also makes your life a lot easier, and more likely to become a long-term plan, I can’t wait to show you how!

But wait! You might be still wondering about the second basic rule, the dilemma veggies vs steak, right? Good question! When I suggest that most of your diet should consist of vegetables, I’m not saying bye-bye juicy steak. It will be a personal choice, and honestly, you can be healthy either way, since most of your plate consists of vegetables – colorful, fresh, tasty veggies! They are full of micronutrients, phytonutrients, and fiber that are crucial to your body function at its best, a real source of youth and energy.

Besides this two basic rules, everything else is a matter of individual needs and preferences. Once you know what to put on your plate, things become simple, sustainable, and of course: tasty! Healthy food is – and should be – tasty! I am a mom of two boys, they are growing and always hungry, but also want something yummy to eat. That’s why I strive for, easy and delicious dishes for the whole family, that nourishes body and soul. Did you already have a look at some of the recipes share here? Have a look and let me know, I would love to hear back from you.

Eating well transformed my life, and I see often how much it impacts the health and wellness of many people I help too, have a look on the testimonials page where some amazing people share how they learned more about their bodies and took back the lead of their own health, maybe you can be next to share a transformation, wouldn’t be amazing? Let’s stay connected, you can sign up to receive all news and recipes from me here, and if you need more individual guidance, just contact me straight away, I will be thrilled to help you directly.

I have a lot to share with you, I also have to confess that it was not always like this, I couldn’t go for long without cakes, my weakness, I was also full of mood swings, PMS, and migraines, but now all of it in the past. I dived deep into nutrition when I got pregnant the first time, in 2004. I wanted to be the healthier I could for my baby, but also I knew I should lead by example. I tried to change cold turkey and failed miserably. I tried to nourish my body and mind before anything, I felt wonderful and transformation took place, bye-bye migraines, PMS and mood swings!

At the same time, I was having my transformation, I also noticed that often a ineffective nutrition was in the way of healing of people I was helping with homeopathy, bad nutrition was often the main obstacle to cure (as homeopaths say). That’s when after about 10 years studying nutrition myself, I took a formal training as a nutrition and wellness coach to complement my homeopathic practice. Today I combine both, nutrition and homeopathy to help you heal and reach the best of your vitality. No magic potions, but little homeopathic doses and simple foods with effective results.

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