Homeopathy and Science

homeopathy is based on science

“ Homeopathy is not pseudo-science, is a real phenomenon that deserve a more profound study”

Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize 2008)

Homeopathy is a non-molecular system in which its biological effects have been demonstrated in different scientific research fields, including, but not limited to, medical, veterinary and basic research. Homeopathic preparations are highly diluted that often there is no molecular residue from the original substance left, and yet these homeopathic preparations are capable to trigger a response in living beings. Because of the non-molecular characteristic of these remedies, homeopathy has been criticized and compared to placebo, meaning just water or sugar pills with results due to the person psychological belief.  While placebo effect, in fact, exists in any field, claiming homeopathy as a placebo only points to a lack of information considering all available data demonstrated, including in veterinary and in vitro research.


“It’s necessary to interpret the living and intelligent body in a context of communication other than just molecular communication” Professor Madeleine Bastide (1935 – 2007)

Professor Madeleine Bastide (1935 – 2007)

The scientific data on homeopathy and high dilutions is fascinating and deserves more studies to deepen our understanding of the process.

To learn more, a comprehensive information based on scientific research has been put together by Professor Leoni Bonamin Ph.D. on her e-book “Discovering How Homeopathy Works” which can be accessed below


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