All living beings have a natural ability to heal themselves, but sometimes the inner vital force is out of balance, causing illness on physical and mental levels. Homeopathic remedies aim to strength your vital force by triggering your body’s own ability to heal. The job of a homeopath is to find the specific remedy to kick-start this response and identify if there are any obstacles to cure, blocking or making healing difficult.

Note: Katia Martinho is not a physician and may practice in CA under sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of California Business and Professions Code. 

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” I started with Katia In January 2017. At the beginning I thought it was just a diet, again, just one more nothing different. I was very surprised to start the program detox by removing one group of aliments every three days. It was hard but I learned a lot about my own body. After 1 month, I decided to continue with Katia. In 5 months I lost 16 pounds. What I liked the most with Katia is that she was on my side step by step. She gave me a lot of advice, tricks, and in any circumstances in my social life. I enjoy the program but most of all I enjoyed working with Katia.”

C. Prince, FR

“When I first met with Katia I had a bit of a know it all attitude. My diet for the most part was very healthy and I exercised 4-5 times a week, yet I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t sleeping well and began having digestive issues.

After much probing Katia discovered that my diet, stress level, and intense workouts were clashing causing adrenal fatigue. With a few tweaks to my diet/lifestyle and the help of her homeopathic remedies I was able to get back to optimum health and still enjoy the intense workouts I refused to give up.

She truly is a wealth of knowledge, has a warm and loving personality, AND a lot of patience for crazy know it alls like me.”

T. Mack, AU