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Anxiety & Me - Mar 2018

Mar 9th 10am (Portuguese) - Mar 22th 7pm (English) - Irvine CA

Anxiety: noun, a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

You may or may not be a person prone to feel anxious, either way most of us experience the feeling at some point of our lives, and for each one of us, it may feel differently.  The chaos of modern life does not make it easier, often aggravating anxiety in many ways.

In this class we will learn about how homeopathic remedies and lifestyle changes can help with anxiety.


Detox: Start the Year Supercharged! Jan 2018

JAN 12 9am (online) - JAN 16 7pm - Irvine CA

I am excited about the New Year just about to start, and could't be any different: I want to start with lots of energy, focus, vitality and say bye-bye to any extras pounds lingering around, do you? I will be thrilled for you to join one of my detox groups, we will learn how to balance nutritious and tasty meals for all family, I will help you to identify and get rid of things that are draining your energy, learn simple techniques to boost your detox, nourishing body & mind.

The detox lasts 4 weeks, and after that you will have learned more about your own body and have tools to keep healthy along the whole year. There will be 2 programs available, in person and online, all of them with include a booklet with all info about the program and some great recipes, also, we will have weekly meetings.

Sorry Sugar, I'm Breaking up With You

Jan 12th 10am - Jan 17th 7pm - Irvine - CA

It's like a love and hate relationship, I know, I get it, I've been there. We all know sugar is bad for you, but it is so hard get rid of it, then you wonder, but how bad really? Or perhaps you know how bad, but simply didn't succeed to reduce or eliminate sugar from your life the way you wanted and wonder why. I think is time to talk about it, I want to share my story with you, how I failed many times and finally succeeded, I want to talk about how your brain and hormones trick you regarding sugar, and how you can make a better choice. And more importantly: how do we move on after this break up?


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