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Katia Martinho

Homeopath & Nutritionist

Hello, I’m Katia – a homeopath and nutritionist based in Orange County, CA. I live in Southern California with my husband and two sons. I have 20 years experience as a homeopath, a path that started in my early career days as veterinarian and scientific researcher. Today I help people to improve health & wellness naturally, by combining homeopathy and nutrition together. I love traveling and outdoors life, and as most of the Sagittarians like me would dream of, I traveled and lived around the world, from my hometown in Brazil to Europe, from Midwest to West Coast in the US. I learned a lot from each place, from culture to lifestyle, but most of all I’ve learned how to adapt and reinvent myself when life knocked on the door with changes. A couple years ago I turned 40, but instead of feeling like La Loba, I gained weight, found myself stressed and tired, just didn’t feel like myself. I knew I had to turn this around, from inside out, reaching the root causes, not just the symptoms, so besides seeking medical advice, I did what homeopaths do best: I looked at myself and my lifestyle as a whole, not just my symptoms. In addition to Homeopathy, I put changes in place that worked on my body and mind, I changed my diet and got better at managing stress, sleeping patterns, toxins, and gut health.


I started to feel better and motivated to try something different for me and my family, so I enrolled the four of us in Taekwondo classes. What I thought was going to be only a sport and family activity, became an important part of my life, a lifestyle, in fact, reinforcing how mindset plays an essential role in healing, achievement, and long-lasting lifestyle changes. Taekwondo is a path I found to build focus and resilience, but you don’t need to be a black belt to bring it into your life, I promise. kmBio Registered Member of NASH KM.TKDLayers I see wellness as a journey, like a dance, it’s not static, you just need to find your own rhythm. I got my vitality back, and now that you are here, I am excited to help you to find yours too.

After all, we all can and should feel great at any age, I will share with you how.

Cheers to vitality! Katia

background and influences

I am a registered professional homeopath at the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH), with 20 years of experience in this field, certified by HPTG (Homeopathic Professionals Teaching Group UK), and a  certified nutritionist by AFPA (American Fitness Professional & Associates).  I am also a former Veterinary Doctor, graduate in 2001 by UNISA (Universidade de Santo Amaro, Sao Paulo, Brazil), with emphasis in small animals practice and pathology. My focus is to promote health and wellness in the most natural way possible. While nutrition is the foundation of good health, homeopathy stimulates the body’s intrinsic ability to heal. Both combined are a very powerful tool to keep your health at its best naturally. Besides my career path and personal health challenges with cancer and Hashimoto’s, I was deeply influenced by concepts of Anthroposophy, created by Rudolf Steiner, and martial arts (Taekwondo), since these philosophies taught me, among many things, that through rhythm and resilience we find vitality. Note: Katia Martinho is not a physician and may practice in CA under sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of California Business and Professions Code.  Registered Member of NASH



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