What Are you Hungry For?

We eat when we are hungry, but not only. Perhaps you are familiar with situations that lead you to eat because you were anxious, or sad, or happy to celebrate or yet, you had the best intention to have only a bite and ended up overindulging … again.

If that sounds familiar to you, I can almost guess that you also know the frustration of trying way too many diets, enrolling and cancelling quite a few gym memberships, and feel stuck in  a lifestyle that you so desperately want to change but either don’t know how, or you are longing for enough motivation or the right time to just do it. I hear you. I believe I’ve been through all these cycles myself, it’s not just willpower, it’s not just about food, and honestly:

willpower and motivation are overrated!

Today I had a chat with my dear friend Tatiana Azevedo, who is a psychologist with over 18 years experience in the field, and a journey through these issues herself.  Tatiana talks about the fact

we cannot change what is not known,

and shares tools and insights that anyone can put in practice right now, anywhere.

Below the interview in English:

Author: Katia Martinho

I first came across homeopathy in 1998, during my training in veterinary medicine in Brazil. I developed and published scientific research in homeopathy, moving to England few years later where I carried on my studies and practiced for years until moving to USA in 2011. I am committed to support our community health and well being based on homeopathy, nutrition and educational workshops.

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