November smells cinnamon – and benefits your health!

Ahhhh … I love the smell and taste of cinnamon, do you? It has this warming aroma that nourishes my body & soul while the days are getting cold. It seems to be everywhere: from food recipes to candles, fall calls for cinnamon. But what you perhaps you don’t know, is how cinnamon affects your health. Its benefits are so interesting that this spice was used by ancient civilizations as a medicine – the Chinese used cinnamon for joint pain for example, while European herbalists used it for digestive issues.

With all the stress and overindulging that goes around at this time of the year, we are likely more prone to inflammation. Cinnamon helps to protect your body, counter balancing this inflammation, because it is very rich in antioxidants, so you are less prone to the consequences of free radicals such as diseases and aging.

Cinnamon is also a natural antimicrobial agent. Many of us tend to be more vulnerable to colds and flu with winter approaching, but here comes cinnamon to the rescue again, protecting against bacteria, viruses and fungus.

The list o benefits can go on, but these are the ones I find most interesting for this time of the year, considering seasonal celebrations and colds & flu that happen so often during this time.

Take advantage of this warm & sweet spice, and tell me: what is your favorite recipe or use of cinnamon?

Happy November!

Author: Katia Martinho

I first came across homeopathy in 1998, during my training in veterinary medicine in Brazil. I developed and published scientific research in homeopathy, moving to England few years later where I carried on my studies and practiced for years until moving to USA in 2011. I am committed to support our community health and well being based on homeopathy, nutrition and educational workshops.

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