Epsom Salt Bath DIY: Transform your Bath time into an blissful experience

Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) is a great tool to detoxification and relaxation that most of us would benefit regularly by soaking in a bath or even a simple warm foot soaking.

It got its name from a bitter saline spring in Epsom, Surrey in England, where the salt was produced from the springs that arise where the porous chalk of the North Downs meets non-porous London clay.

It is never enough to address the issue regarding how much chemicals and toxins, including heavy metals, cosmetics can carry, disrupting our health over time. By making your own personal products, you avoid lots of toxins commonly found in cosmetics and personal products commercially available that often impact your health and hormonal balance in a negative way.

Besides the detoxification properties of Epsom salts, there is the advantage of relaxation time in a warm bath, that easies the mind at the end of the day, added by the effects of essential oils with their incredible aroma.

Plain Epsom Salts are inexpensive and easily found in pharmacies, supermarkets and health stores and it can be used as it is to benefit your wellness. However, making your own infused Epsom Salts can be a low cost, easy and fun activity for you and the whole family – why not involve the kids? – that in addition brings you health benefits. It also makes a nice and thoughtful gift idea for the dear ones – why not?

You will need:

  • Large glass bowl
  • 3 cups of plain Epsom Salts
  • 10 drops of essential oil (I used lavender for mine)
  • 5 drops of food coloring (your preference)

Add the Epsom Salts to the empty bowl, adding the essential oil drops and coloring afterwards, mix well with a spoon until color is uniform and no lumps are present. Adjust more or less drops of oil or color according to your preference. Keep the content in a glass jar and use as needed. Dissolve 1 to 2 cups of Epsom Salts per full bath, and soak for at least 20 min. Alternatively, you can mix 2 cups of Epsom salts + 1 cup of baking soda instead of 3 cups of Epsom salts.

You might choose just an aroma you like or take in consideration some of the essential oils properties. Lavender is good for relaxation, and citrus such as lemon, grapefruit and orange are invigorating. Frankincense and peppermint are good to keep your focus sharp.

Bath bombs and scrubs are another great and easy DIY idea to make at home. Stay tuned, more recipes to follow soon!





Author: Katia Martinho

I first came across homeopathy in 1998, during my training in veterinary medicine in Brazil. I developed and published scientific research in homeopathy, moving to England few years later where I carried on my studies and practiced for years until moving to USA in 2011. I am committed to support our community health and well being based on homeopathy, nutrition and educational workshops.

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