Dirty Dozen 2016

EGW (Environmental Working Group) released 2016 Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen Lists, are you update?

The Dirty Dozen list rate the produce foods that most contain pesticides, while the Clean Fifteen as the produce foods with the least pesticide amounts.

While eating locally produced and organic food is always my first choice, not everything I eat is organic, so I rely on this guide to make wise choices in what would be OK to eat if I can’t find organic.

Let’s keep in mind that exposure to certain pesticides can lead to cancer,  reproductive and developmental damage, hormone disruption and neurological problems ADHD among other health issues.

So here it goes:

2016 Dirty Dozen

  1. Strawberries
  2. Apples
  3. Nectarines
  4. Peaches
  5. Celery Grapes
  6. Cherries
  7. Spinach
  8. Tomatoes
  9. Sweet Bell Peppers
  10. Cherry Tomatoes
  11. Cucumbers
  12. Hot Peppers
  13. Kale & Collard Greens

2016 Clean Fifteen

  1. Avocados
  2. Sweet Corn (non GMO)
  3. Pineapples
  4. Cabbage
  5. Sweet Peas (frozen)
  6. Onions
  7. Asparagus
  8. Mangoes
  9. Papayas (non GMO)
  10. Kiwi
  11. Eggplant
  12. Honeydew Melon
  13. Grapefruit
  14. Cantaloupe
  15. Cauliflower
  • The extended Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen lists are available on EWG”s website http://www.ewg.org



Author: Katia Martinho

I first came across homeopathy in 1998, during my training in veterinary medicine in Brazil. I developed and published scientific research in homeopathy, moving to England few years later where I carried on my studies and practiced for years until moving to USA in 2011. I am committed to support our community health and well being based on homeopathy, nutrition and educational workshops.

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